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Clinic will be CLOSED THIS SATURDAY (7/22) for family business that came up suddenly, my apologies.

Thank you Janesville for seven great years. 
NOW- NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! To better serve the needs of working people in our community,  I am changing from the appointment system to a walk-in clinic, making it even easier to get the care you need.

Also, in accordance with the clinic guidelines set by the POCA (People's Organization of Community Acupuncture, formerly Community Acupuncture Network) I have REDUCED SLIDING SCALE FEES, now
only $35-55 initial visit with regular visits now only $20-50. Payment is still by checks or cash only but I am looking into a self-pay station for cards, I will keep you updated.

Clinic Director Steven Rosenthal, M.Sci, L.Ac.,C.A.

Look for our clinic soon to be re-entered soon on the national map at POCA , and please tell your friends and family of your success with treatment so we can grow and serve more in the community.

Just come in anytime during NEW EXPANDED DAYS AND TIMES..,
I'll be here!
Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-6:00 PM
Wednesdays and Fridays, 11:30AM-3:30 PM
Saturdays 9:00 AM-1:00 PM.

If you're new, feel welcome! If you have questions or wish to to schedule a free, no-obligation telephone consultation to see if I can help you, call me at 608-322-4408. We are the Stateline Area's only affordable and accessable community acupuncture natural pain management center!

Are you in pain, and it's not getting better on its own, or with your current treatment? Do you have health issues you'd like to get rid of? Acupuncture can treat most simple health issues as a stand-alone treatment, but for extra results in complex or serious conditions, it would make a great addition to care you receive from your Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, MD/DO, or other Health Professional.

Regular acupuncture has been proven to reduce the stress that has been breaking your body down and interfering with proper operation of your body's key systems... in today's world it's no wonder so many struggle with pain and health problems! I specialize in natural health care and the rapid relief of pain anywhere in the body, and have the training and experience to help you with no-drug, no-surgery methods for safe, effective and natural pain relief and management. Why suffer any longer? Call 608-322-4408 today!

I offer with a community 'sliding scale' fee structure- it's an 'honor system'. You choose what you can pay to join us within the stated range. First visit is only $35-55, follow up visits are only $20-50. Remember, you choose what to pay. The whole point is to allow you to get enough visits to make a real, lasting difference in your quality of life.

I hope you can get the information you need here and that you make a decision to begin treatment right away.  I do my best to make your care excellent and affordable.

Isn't it time to get rid of pain and health issues, get out of pain and get your life back? Commitment is up to you. Call today, (608)-322-4408.

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