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My Purpose
My purpose is to constantly study, further develop and use the most effective means of treatment for pain and  health problems, and make them affordable to ordinary working men and women.

To do this, I step outside the HMO/Medical system, which is driven by escalating costs and diminishing service and accountability-  and run an affordable community clinic, funded not by any grants or donations- but by the people getting care here.

Me in clinic- community Acupuncture / Natural Pain Management
In short, my purpose is to find ways to help as many people as I can to get out of pain and overcome their health problems so that they can get their lives back.

Are you sick and tired of living in pain? Are chronic problems with your body ruining your quality of life? Please consider trying a course of gentle acupuncture treatments here at my clinic- it could change your life!

Lately, acupuncture has been in the news... on Dr. Oz, in Good Housekeeping, the national newspapers, Harvard medical school, the US Air Force medical hospitals. I don't consider acupuncture to be 'alternative' medicine, as it is one of the oldest, most trusted and most proven health care systems in the history of the world.

Besides over twenty centuries of accumulated anecdotal evidence for acupuncture, there is a growing body of modern scientific research proving its effectiveness and scientific means of action.

There is nothing easier, safer, more effective or affordable for rapid relief of pain and many common health problems. If you really want to improve your health or get out of pain, you owe it to yourself to check it out today.

Don't give up hope, even if you've suffered for years or if you've tried other things that haven't worked. My combined approach (the best of ancient, and modern therapies)  can succeed without the cost, risk or potential side-effects of drugs and surgery (where these are not absolutely medically necessary) even when other methods of treatment haven't worked!

Isn't it worth a try to find out-  if it can work for you? Call 608-322-4408 and I will answer your questions and see if I can help you.

As an American acupuncturist who also received training in China in a university teaching hospital,  I saw how well this medicine works on people.. if they can get consistent care to overcome pain and health issues.

That's why I relocated my downtown San Diego private practice here and this summer I began my seventh year in downtown Janesville. I'm grateful for the support and acceptance the clinic has had so far and look forward to serving this community with my knowledge and experience.

Decide right now to do something about your pain or health problems.  Call me at 608-322-4408 and let's get started!

As a community service, Mr. Rosenthal schedules free public events in our area to promote the safe, natural and effective treatment of pain and physical health problems. Please call 608-322-4408 if you would like him to make a presentation  at your business or social organization.

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