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Steven Rosenthal, MSTOM, L.Ac
(608) 322-4408)

Thanks for visiting my website. It's likely you were referred to me by someone you know and trust- family or a friend who may be one of my patients, or your doctor or nurse. Nearly all my patients come to me in this way.  If you are in pain,  I look forward to doing  my very best to help you, too.

I hope you can get the information you need here to make a decision to begin treatment right away. Unlike most acupuncture sites I tell you what it costs and how often you will need to come, etc. I do my best to make your care excellent and affordable. Isn't it time to get out of pain and get your life back? Commitment is up to you.

I don't use drugs or surgery to treat pain- I use only natural methods. I respect modern medicine but there is not much it can do for pain other than painkillers or procedures that are often "hit-or miss" often with great risks, or with side effects that greatly reduce your quality of life.

I know many good doctors and their nurses in our area, and they are frustrated by their inability to help people in pain. According to an article in the AARP journal recommending acupuncture for chronic pain, only three percent of doctors have any actual training in pain management as part of their medical education [1] !

Fortunately, I had a different education.  As part of my four-year Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine degree, and further over the past 15 years I have spent thousands of hours in study and practice on acute and chronic pain treatment and management. As the years have gone by I have mastered a very wide variety of acupuncture approaches to pain, both ancient and modern, in the USA, Canada and China, and with the leading doctors in the world from China, Korea, and France when they made rare visits to the USA to teach.

More importantly, I have given thousands and thousands of treatments to American patients in a number of modern clinic settings and I have seen what works, and what doesn't for people. It has taken years to come up with the best possible style and method of care that will work for you as it has for hundreds of others. You will not find this anywhere else.

After a few frustrating years in the beautiful, but empty, upscale San Diego practice I started after my medical school, I finally realized that the best, most skilled approach to treatment is of no use if people can't afford to come.. and that was with urban professionals earning California salaries.

Seeing people in a private room setting, as most acupuncturists are trained to do in the USA, demands all of your time for that period and thus you have to charge $65-100 or more per treatment.

Instead, I treat people in a relaxed, ongoing group setting.. so I can see many times more people in a day, and charge much less for my services.. still giving you the benefit of world-class treatment and care with the best of my knowledge and experience.

I make the benefits of natural pain management available and affordable to people with a wide range of incomes in our community. I offer with a community 'sliding scale' fee structure- it's an 'honor system'.

You choose what to pay within the stated range. First visit is $55-75, follow up visits are $20-40.
I ask that everyone pay generously within their means so that I can be here to help our community now and in the future.

Please read through the rest of my site  for straight talk and answers to your questions and call me anytime at 608-322-4408. I would be glad to go over your condition on the phone, offer you my best advice, and if appropriate, schedule you for your first visit as soon as possible.

Steven Rosenthal, MSTOM, L.Ac.,

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