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Straight Talk From An Experienced Acupuncturist...
"Does it work? Can you help me? What does it cost? How often will I have to come?"

Steven Rosenthal, MSTOM, L.Ac
Thanks for visiting my website. If you are in pain I look forward to helping you.

I bet if you visit 100 acupuncture sites, not one will tell you direct answers to your most important questions.

In my opinion, this because the way most people practice acupuncture today in the USA is simply not affordable to ordinary working men and women, and they are afraid they will drive you away when you learn the cost and the commitment of repeated visits. From its simple, humble beginning in China, with treatments given in group settings, acupuncture has 'morphed' into a spa or 'medical' type treatment given on-on-one in private rooms in exclusive centers for ever increasing cost per treatment.

As a community service, Mr. Rosenthal schedules public events in our area to promote the safe, natural and effective treatment of pain and physical health problems. Please call 608-322-4408 if you would like him to make a presentation  at your business or social organization.

Instead, at my clinic, people pay on an affordable, 'trust system' or community sliding scale: you choose what you can pay. First visit is $55-75, follow up visits are $20-40. Please pay generously within your means so that I can be here to help you now and in the future. As one of the most experienced, broadly educated acupuncturists in our area, I guarantee you will receive just as good, if not better care in my relaxed, living-room setting than a private treatment room, and most importantly- you will be able to get the number of treatments necessary for your sucess.

Another thing which these sites also do is to describe the process or experience of acupuncture in terms of mystical or mysterious unseen forces... sometimes seemingly  bordering on the religious.

While acupuncture and Oriental medicine do date from a classic era many thousands of years ago, I believe their effects can be explained scientifically and I don't lay on layers of outdated cultural references- I don't think it is necessary to explain it, or to make it work effectively. This puts a lot of people off and keeps acupuncture 'alternative' and difficult to accept by modern medicine, therefore it will never become mainstream and as a result, people will not ever get it, remaining in pain. This is intolerable to me.

Acupuncture is not a religion or a culture belief- it is an effective system of care for pain and health problems right here, right now as much as it was in ancient China.

Another thing you will typically see, is an absolute ton of choices offered: a whole smorgasbord of holistic treatment options, services and products offered by one or more practitioners in addition to (expensive, infrequent) acupuncture. This type of spa  or pseudo-medical service is attractive to a certain upscale clientele, which is likely what the site is striving to attract. In fact it has nothing to do with the way acupuncture has been practiced in China for thousands of years... which is simple, frequently given, inexpensive and therefore able to stand alone not requiring all this other stuff.

As an experienced acupuncturist trained in many, many methods here and in China, who has personally given literally thousands and thousands of safe, effective and affordable treatments on Americans with modern problems, I feel it is time to cut through the confusion about what acupuncture is, what it does, why you should consider it.

Please read through the rest of my site's pages for straight talk and answers to your questions.

And yes,... it works. (!)

Steven Rosenthal,MSTOM, L.Ac.,

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