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Are you sick and tired of living in pain? Are chronic health problems ruining your quality of life? Please consider trying a course of gentle acupuncture treatments here at my clinic- it could change your life!

"Because of my profession, I had increased pain for over a month, pain and tenderness [neck, arm, shoulders]. I found the clinic wonderful, calming, and a welcoming environment. Results- I was better immediately that evening following 1st treatment... dramatically lowered symptoms.  I recommend the clinic '10 out of 10' superb to all persons I know, instant results, thank you!!
- Amy G., 31, Pet Groomer

You don't need to suffer! Call (608) 322-4408 today to schedule your first visit...  which will include a personal consultation and gentle acupuncture treatment. Treatment is affordable- read on!

Mr. Rosenthal

Steven Rosenthal, M.Sci., L.Ac., C.Ac., Clinic Director
Featured in the Janesville Gazette and WCLO Radio.
Recently returned from Toronto, Ontario Canada for extended training in modern German Auricular Medicine. This is being provided to all patients at no additonal cost!

Don't give up hope, even if you've suffered for years or if you've tried other things that haven't worked. Acupuncture  can succeed with pain, stress, and most common health problems without the cost, risk or potential side-effects of drugs and surgery (where these are not absolutely medically necessary) even when other methods of treatment haven't worked! Isn't it worth a try to find out-  if it can work for you?

My purpose is to help as many people as possible in our community get relief for their pain and health problems.

Acupuncture clinics in our area typically charge $65-100 per session, and often double or more the first time. This makes it affordable to only a small percentage of people in our community.

At my clinic, you choose what you wish to pay for your visits on a $20 minimum-donation basis. If you can pay more, please do so. Your generous support will help me to continue the clinic's mission.

New patients, or those returning after an absence of four weeks or more, also pay an exam and diagnostic fee of $15,  and leave a refundable $20 deposit to cover any missed or cancelled appointments not made up within the next two days of clinic operation.

Community acupuncture patients are treated in a relaxed, ongoing, living-room center instead of expensive private room sessions. You will still receive excellent, personal care from a qualified, experienced acupuncturist.

Acupuncture may seem new and 'different' to people in the USA, but it's helped millions of people in Asia for thousands of years so it's hardly a new thing! Unfortunately,  if it's mentioned in the media here it's usually a feature on which Hollywood starlet received it,  or how exotic it is. This translates to expensive, exclusive spa or medical-priced treatments.  This is a shame as it makes this inexpensive, simple health care method into something it's not.. and makes ordinary people think of it as something only for the rich or kooky.

As an American acupuncturist who also received training in China in a university teaching hospitaI  I saw how well this medicine works on people.. if they can get consistent care to overcome pain and health issues.

I routinely saw people brought in carried by others, walking out a week later.  I wanted people to have a clinic here where ordinary working men and women could afford to get help... especially those that have not gotten relief or help from conventional medicine.

That's why I relocated my downtown San Diego private practice here and will soon celebrate my fourth year in downtown Janesville. I'm grateful for the support and acceptance the clinic has had so far and look forward to serving this community every day.

Decide right now to do something about your pain or health problems.  Call me at 608-322-4408 and let's get started!

Community Acupuncture room

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"I'm writing to recommend acupuncturist Steven Rosenthal. He was my most broadly-educated acupuncturist, employing techniques from multiple countries' schools. Steven went out of his way to treat other doctor has been as responsive to my needs."- Alwyn R., Internet Entrepreneur

Lately, acupuncture has been in the news... on Dr. Oz, in Good Housekeeping, the national newspapers, Harvard medical school, the US Air Force aerospace medicine center at Andrews Air Force Base (Washington DC).  I don't consider acupuncture to be 'alternative' medicine, as it is one of the oldest, most trusted and most proven health care systems in the history of the world. There is nothing easier, safer, more effective or affordable for rapid relief of pain, stress and dozens of common health problems. If you really want to improve your health or get out of pain, you owe it to yourself to check it out today.

"I would like to thank Steven Rosenthal L.Ac. for his excellent work on my health. The knowledge he imparted, educated me. The superior techniques he applied, and the explanations he provided, inspired trust and confidence. I really appreciated that he went the extra mile to help me beyond the blood pressure issues I originally went in for.

Truthfully this was the first time I have ever looked forward to a healthcare appointment. I was always disappointed to miss a day due to my busy schedule.  I wish him best wishes in his new practice. -Stephen M., Customer Service Manager

Everyone heals at their own rate, but I can tell you from experience that most people begin to get relief right away which continues to improve with regular attendance.

Rock River, historic Downtown Janesville WI
Historic Downtown Janesville WI
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Suite 301,
Janesville, WI  53545
(608) 322-4408

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